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Our mission is to impact the world through community focused design and development within the real estate world. We remodel and design community environment friendly homes, multi units, commercial property, and community spaces preferably using environment & energy efficient materials.

Our Vision is to create a foundation of vision oriented team members to build communities & co-living spaces around the world. Through our journey we will develop the strongest communities ever seen through proper management and attention to people and the relationships we build.

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We Value & Provide Transparency, Prosperity, Healthy Living, Relationships & Community. It takes 

transparency to have great relationships, and it takes strong relationships to have strong community, and with strong community we grow together in power! 


Our Philosophy stands behind living longer & stronger with more loving community & social interaction. People are everything we need to live a strong and happy life and so making people happy with us is our priority. We are backed by our philosophy, mission, & life guidelines at All Is One Movement. 





      We Buy Your Property Cash

✅ Instant Cash Offers

✅ No Closing Costs, Agent Fees, or Hidden Fees

✅ We re-purpose your property for the better




      We Design & Develop Communities

✅ We develop perfect community spaces

✅ We design, build, & manage co-living spaces

✅ We fix, re-model, and turn property into purpose

✅ We connect you with the right roommates




     We Manage Your Rental Property(s)

✅ We fully manage your rental property

✅ We offer to make your rental property a part of our community

✅ We get you renters




                            We Partner

✅ We always find a win win

✅ We make an impact together

✅ We make profit together


(737) 201-8683

San Diego, CA

People We Have Worked With Say...

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"Easy to work with, smooth transaction, and transparent about their intentions"

Robert G.

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"I end up investing in this house with Upin to turn into a co-living space & turned a good profit. I am now working with them long term."

Canyon R.

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"They paid cash & process was straight forward. If I had another house to sell to them, I would."

Linda T.

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"Honestly wasn't sure about the transaction at first, but it went easy. I bought my first investment property, remodeled it, and sitting on it's income"

Randy R.

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"I sold it to them as-is, and went well. Closing was decently fast, I got my money, & couldn't say I had any complaints"

Duncan M.

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"I am definitely happy with the purchase. They even offered long term partnership and real estate help if needed" 

Madeline P.