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People We Have Worked With Say...

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"Easy to work with, smooth transaction, and transparent about their intentions"

Robert G.

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"I end up investing in this house with Upin to turn into a co-living space & turned a good profit. I am now working with them long term."

Canyon R.

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"They paid cash & process was straight forward. If I had another house to sell to them, I would."

Linda T.

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"Honestly wasn't sure about the transaction at first, but it went easy. I bought my first investment property, remodeled it, and sitting on it's income"

Randy R.

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"I sold it to them as-is, and went well. Closing was decently fast, I got my money, & couldn't say I had any complaints"

Duncan M.

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"I am definitely happy with the purchase. They even offered long term partnership and real estate help if needed" 

Madeline P.