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Keith Mintz

A background in personal development & relationship coaching, startups, investing, and business expansion. Has founded several ventures & is an active investor. Strongly encourages and lives by allisonemovement.com.


"All Is One"

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Hossam Awadallah

Background in digital marketing. Broke free from debt and earned his first 6 figures from his phone before he even got his drivers license, all through real estate. 

"Stay Delusional"


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Michael Matienzo

Worked and managed sales teams in multiple industries. High level knowledge on the psychology of relations and communication. Now, credit specialist and real estate investor.


"Have an attitude of gratitude and always strive for higher altitudes"

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Tre Montoya

Background in businesses and marketing development. Scaled to six figures through e-commerce and social media marketing. Now, real-estate investor and aspiring philanthropist.


"Cogito Ergo Sum"


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